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Production Ready?

Is perl 5 production ready?


Ok, that's the question I remember hearing many times, many years ago when I started using perl. Is perl 5 up to being used in production? The answer then was YES!

And, today in 2019, my answer would be "maybe" ... but that's another story.

Well …


Back in time when dinosaurs used computers, there were dial up BBS systems.


Well, modems are no longer used, but BBSes are still alive.

I'd like to invite you to

BZ&BZ BBS (Telnet)  or 4023 (SSH) or 4022

Open 24 hours …

Distracted Driving

Bugz asks that you be kind to distracted drivers.

distracted driver

Please be kind, they are driving the best that they can.

Have you ever wondered who they are talking to? Their driving instructor! That's who!

You don't believe me? Just look at their driving!