First Post with Pelican

(Read time is about 1 minutes)

Hello, and welcome to Pelican!

Pelican is a static website generator. Which, is good and bad.


It's good because it generates nicely formatted code that any webserver can slop out, and browsers can render without any issues. It also means that there's nothing on the webserver to attack. There's no PHP code to exploit, there's no PHP to update!


Bad, because it is different then the easy to use web GUI I'm used to using. Clicking on new post would give me a starting point. With Pelican, I need to create a new file, and make sure I have all of the metadata correct at the top.


Like everything else, it takes time to get use to. But, I'm mostly happy with the experience so far. I've worked with far worse.

I need to get my template out there on github. It's based on after-dark for Hugo.

There's nothing like taking a Hugo template and updating it to work in Pelican!